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Transfer Student


He is a student enrolled in another university or college and wants to transfer to the University of Business and technology and complete his/her study

The students transferred from another university to the University of Business and Technology

University of Business and technology welcomes the students transferred from other universities and colleges.

To complete the transfer request, please follow these three steps:

  • Step 1: Conditions for acceptance of academic equivalence
    1. Terms of transfer to the university:
    • The student should have spent a semester at least in a recognized college or university. Or is graduated from an intermediate university degree or post-secondary diploma from one of the educational institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education.
    • The applicant should not have dropped more than two years of study to accept the equivalent of his or her academic material from the university or college from which he or she was transferred from.
    • The applicant should not be expelled from the college, university or educational body from which he is transferred from for disciplinary or academic reasons.
    • The student should transfer to a college, university or educational class at the University of Business and technology in accordance with the procedures and deadlines stated in the school.
    • The number of modules acceptable to the transferred student should not exceed 40% of the total number of units planned and required to obtain a bachelor's degree in the required college, and the College Board has the right to exclude no more than 50% of the total number of units
    1. Terms of equivalence of decisions:
    • The number of hours approved for the curriculum to be equated with outside the university should not be less than the number of hours approved for the equivalent course in the college. A curriculum may be equivalent to a maximum of one hour shorter than the equivalent hours of the college, provided that the total number of hours required for the student to graduate is not less than the total approved hours of graduation in its course at the university.
    • The content of the curriculum should be 75% similar to the curriculum to be equated.
    • The minimum grade for the equalized course should be (good) C
    1. Mechanism For The Implementation Of Academic Equivalence Procedures
    • The applicant is required to fill in the application form for transfer to the Department of Academic Affairs with the deanship of admission and registration at the university explaining the reasons for the transfer and the preferred major, phone numbers, and mailing address for better communication when approving their application.
    • The applicant must attach the origin of the last-class statement to a signed position stamped in the official seal, and be placed in an official envelope sealed from its source.
    • The applicant must bring a description of the syllabus from the body in which he has studied the courses, and the description shall contain the following points:
    • Clarifies the general idea of the syllabus.
    • States the objectives of the syllabus.
    • Indicate the number of academic hours approved (approved modules, contact hours, laboratories).
    • The Department of Academic Affairs ensures that all terms of the equation are congruent.
    • The request for equivalence shall be sent together with all documents to the appropriate faculty to complete the equivalence procedure in accordance with academic requirements and standards.


  • Step 2: Required documents
    1. Fill out the acceptance form through the site.
    2. The original certificate of the general secondary.
    3. Certificate of good conduct and behavior if any.
    4. A copy of the identity of the Saudis or a copy of the regular stay in force for non-Saudis.
    5. Personal (modern) photo (4 * 6).
    6. Medical statement with the results of the required analyses (the medical examination form is received from the University).
    7. The origin of TOEFL and ELTs in case you find.


  • Step 3: Preparing for an acceptance request
    • The applicant must read the admission terms of the university colleges on the University website ( by clicking on (placing your link acceptance requirements)
    • Fill in the Electronic acceptance form by clicking on (Apply Now), then selecting the form by degree and sex.
    • Create a username and password for the ability to fill out the electronic acceptance form by pressing (SIGN UP)
    •  Fill all the referenced data and upload all the required documents to the university website
    • Submit the form and documents electronically on the university website after reading the laws in the last form and acknowledge this to obtain a university number.
    • Payment of acceptance fees of SAR 1,000 in the electronic acceptance form that was previously packaged or through the fund at the university using the Registered number.
    • After payment of the student's admission fee, a date for the English language determination test will be set in case of unavailability of (TOEFL or IELTS )and a date for math testing across the link in the electronic acceptance form that was previously filled in.
    • Review of the admissions departments of the university (students--gold), and (student-mast) with original documents before the first three-hour test for final acceptance and university number.



  • English language determination test (for students/students who do not have the required grades in the IELTS or TOEFL test conducted during the previous two years).
  • Mathematics standard-setting test (for all students/students).

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