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Academic Affairs Department


The Executive Responsibilities

  • Study the updated plans from colleges and involved sectors , and make technical and academic notes.
  • Follow up with the students’ scores with the collaboration of IT department.
  • Preparing the necessary academic and statistical reports and change students status.
  • Follow up on procedures of change colleges/majors.
  • Update the plans and courses in the system after authorities accreditation.
  • Update the Majors, courses and sections on computer according to the accredited plan. Follow up on students’ academic progress regarding the courses and exams.
  • Review and audit academic equalizations of transferred students from other colleges according to the college requirements.
  • Review, audit and implement majors changes, swap majors between colleges according to the accredited regulations.
  • Organize the academic equalization in specific archive system.
  • Offer the necessary academic services to students including coordination with other educational sectors regarding academic accreditation and academic mail.