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Governing Body


The Colleges of which UBT is comprised of are governed by its Charter which was approved by the Supreme Council of Higher Education. In light of Article 7 of the Charter, the UBT’s governing body consists of:

  • The Board of Trustees (BOT)
  • The University Council (Senate)
  • The Scientific Council.
  • The College Council/s.
  • The Departmental Council/s .

The key governing positions include the Rector, Vice Rector, Deans, Vice Deans and Head of Academic Departments (HODs), whom represent the Academic Structure of the University (UBT). BOT membership has been Approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE). (BOT members click here). BOT’s responsibilities and tasks are specified in Article 11 of the Charter. The BOT meets at least twice a year to discuss and decide broad issues related to strategies, policies, objectives and long range planning. The University Council (UC) alternatively is the Operation Supervisor of the University that meets monthly to discuss and decide short and intermediate term academic issues. (UC members click here). UC’s responsibilities and tasks are delineated in Article 15 of the Charter.


The College Council of CBA is a Joint College Council (JCC) that combines the College Council of CBA Male and College Council of CBA Female. The JCC is headed by the two Deans alternately almost every month and combines the HODs and Departmental Supervisors of the two Campuses. Both the College of Engineering (CE) and Jeddah College of Advertising (JCA) have their own College Council whose decisions are subject to the Rector’s approval.  The College of Law which has been established recently (Fall 2017) has no College Council yet.

When formed, the CL's College Council will follow the same rules and regulations of CBA, CE and JCA.

All University, Boards Councils and Colleges operate in light of the UBT's Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives.