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Dean of JCA


Assistant Prof. Haneen Mohammad Shoaib


It is my pleasure to congratulate you on choosing Jeddah College of Advertising to fulfill your education and career goals. JCA is a young institution, buzzing with creativity and inspiration, one that is highly equipped to meet the challenges of our society now and in the future. It contributes to progress by training students to become leaders and professionals that will be proactive in facing the needs of a globalized world, and contribute to social progress with an innovative spirit and an attitude of ethical integrity.

Our Colleges' curricula are designed and reviewed with the collaboration of a British partner with additional views from Saudi Arabia’s professional sector, in order that our graduates receive the training of the job market demands. Additionally, to ensure our students' excellence we provide them with high caliber Saudi and international faculty, who support them throughout their learning process with a personalized teaching approach. Joining Jeddah College of Advertising means that students are offered courses taught in English, periods of study abroad, the possibility of government scholarships, local and international internships and finally, job opportunities. At Jeddah College of Advertising we are convinced that theoretical knowledge only gains real value when successfully put into practice. This is why we offer technical resources that amount to large-scale studios and advanced labs to ensure academic excellence in a time where Saudi Arabia calls for comprehensive University education, employability, social responsibility, and ethics.

I wish you all the best on your path to success.




Dr. Haneen Mohammad Shoaib

PhD, MSc, MBA, MPM, BA. (Hons).