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الأبحاث الغير مدعومة

نظراً لاهتمام منسوبي الجامعة بالبحث العلمي يتم نشر الأوراق العلمية على مدار العالم.


السياسات والإجراءات

تفضل بالنقر على الرابط أدناه لعرض السياسات والاجراء الخاصة بالأبحاث الغير المدعومة

قيد التجهيز

الأبحاث السابقة

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أبحاث الطلاب

  • Automated Configured Router for Controlled Sharing Wi-Fi for Internet Guests
  • Career Management System
  • ectricity In Your Steps: Doing Pilgrimage While Illuminating Mecca
  • Fully Automated Car Parking Based on Li-Fi Technology
  • Marketing research report on the launch of Panda New services
  • Microwave Scanning Microscopy for Materials Characterizations.
  • Order Management System
  • Redesign CBARA Application
  • Shipment tracking system
  • Study and Characterization of Micro White LEDs for Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) Communications
  • Synthesis of Graphene-based nano-composites
  • Testing This Films with Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Prism Coupling
  • The Main factors that influence Jeddah College of Advertising students’
  • Volunteer Information System
  • Water Desalination using Wind Energy
  • Wireless Power Transmission: The Future Idea
  • Wirelessly controlled robotic arm by human hand gestures