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وحدة الابتكار


توفر وحدة الابتكار الدعم في الحصول على براءات الاختراع ونقل التكنولوجيا.
مركز براءات الاختراع ونقل التكنولوجيا مسؤول عن:

  • إدارة الملكية الفكرية للأبحاث
  • حماية الاختراعات الجديدة عند الافصاح عن الاختراع
  • ترخيص التكنولوجيا - أخذ نتائج الأبحاث للسوق


الملكية الفكرية

آلية سير الملكية الفكرية



الأفكار الخاضعة للملكية الفكرية


Student group

project title

scientific illustration



Eng. Fares Osama Sukhairi and Eng. Mansour Mohammed Qawas


Cooling Wave

 An innovative Electric appliance, a rapid cooling wave technology because it provides speed in cooling and high It is similar to the microwave oven in heating the aliments, rapid way. It can be used in hospitals, labs, restaurants



Eng. Gaith Nader Anwar Edrees and Eng. Siraj Muneer Almirawi



Energy harvesting using nanomaterials provides an opportunity Sustainable systems, or Self-powered systems, are a new the need for external power source like batteries or such. us such as mechanical vibrations, noise, and/or human movement of our invention is the transformation of massively electricity. The electricity generated can either be stored device. From street lamps, street lights, traffic posts, warning plugs for phone charging, and more. The application possibility




Ms. Noha Obaid

Drawer’s Safe-closing Tool


Drawers have been used since the forties but it never witnessed significant improvements. Ever since children have been getting hurt by drawers either by closing them on their fingers or while reaching for dangerous objects inside of them, such as chemical detergents or sharp objects. For adults, it is obvious that when closing a drawer, they should push it inside with keeping their fingers away from the edges. But with children aged from 8 months to 36 months it’s not that clear for them. They can exert an enough amount of force that can cause severe pain if it is closed on their little fingers. So it is our sincere duty to come up with innovative yet simple ideas to secure our children away from harmful incidents. I have made two tools that can solve these types of problems, the first is to minimize the pressure on fingers if the fingers were inside while the closing process and the second tool is to completely lock the drawer.



Eng. Malaz Marwan Alidelbi, Eng. Loay Osama Abuahmed

Outdoor Smart Parking System using Image Processing and Li-Fi Communication Technology


Recently many new technologies have been developed that help in solving the parking problems to a great extent the traffic generated by cars searching for parking spaces takes up to 40% of the total traffic, with a huge impact on the mobility and quality of life of residents.



Eng. Malaz Marwan Alidelbi, Eng. Loay Osama Abuahmed



An emergency lighting system includes an input, a charging circuit, an auxiliary power supply, a plurality of lights, a driver, and a controller. The input is configured to receive line voltage. The charging circuit is configured to receive the line voltage and output a charging voltage. The auxiliary power supply is configured to receive the charging voltage. The plurality of lights includes a first group of lights and a second group of lights. The driver is configured to provide power to the plurality of lights Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have attracted increasing attention and deployment as a high- performance and low-cost solution to last-mile broadband internet access. WMNs have been broadly accepted in the conventional application sectors of ad hoc networks because of their advantages over other wireless networks. Traffic routing has a critical role in determining the performance of wireless mesh networks. Routing protocol design for wireless mesh networks is Critical to maintaining the performance and reliability of wireless mesh networks. Thus a routing protocol or an algorithm for WMNs should be carefully designed taking into account the specific characteristics of that network.


السياسات والإجراءات

  • تفضل بالنقر على الرابط أدناه لعرض السياسات والاجراء الخاصة بالإفصاح عن الاختراعات


قيد التجهيز

طلب خدمة

  • تفضل بالنقر على الرابط أدناه لتعبئة استمارة طلب الإفصاح عن اختراع


نقل التقنية

  • تفضل بالنقر على الرابط أدناه لعرض السياسات والاجراء الخاصة بنقل التقنية

قيد التجهيز


طلب خدمة

  • تفضل بالنقر على الرابط أدناه لتعبئة استمارة طلب تقني

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