Course Schedule  [Summer/2018]

Course Dept Title Unit Section Instructor Time Days Building Room Status
ACOL102(1) Introduction To Advertising301Mr. Shadi Abdelfattah Hassan Elemari10:00-12:30.S.T...JCA A7 OPEN
ACOL204(1) Digital Technologies For Marketing 1301Mr. Saleh Hashim Saleh Altakrouri10:00-12:30.S.T...JCA LAB1 OPEN
ACOL214(1) Digital Technologies For Marketing 2301Mr. Saleh Hashim Saleh Altakrouri13:00-15:30..M.W..JCA LAB1 OPEN
ACOL303(1) Advertising Managment 2301Mr. Shadi Abdelfattah Hassan Elemari13:00-15:30.S.T...JCA A7 OPEN
ACOL304(1) Research And Evaluation Project 1301Dr. Leonardo ........ ..... Romei10:00-12:30.S.T...JCA A1 OPEN
ACOL406(1) Industry Practice 2301. Tbd . . .13:00-15:30.S.T...JCA A1 OPEN
ACOM201(1) Writing And Editing Skills301. Tbd . . .10:00-12:30..M.W..JCA 003 FULL
ACOM303(1) Advanced Writing And Editing Skills301. Tbd . . .00:00-00:00.......JCA A1 FULL
ACOM404(1) Media Context301. Tbd . . .00:00-00:00.......JCA A1 FULL
AMAN201(1) Understanding The Customer 2301. Tbd . . .00:00-00:00.......JCA A1 FULL
AMAN306(1) Public Relations301. Tbd . . .10:00-12:30..M.W..JCA A8 OPEN
AMAN308(1) Brand Strategy 1301. Tbd . . .00:00-00:00.......JCA A1 FULL
AMAN406(1) Modern Marketing Communications 2301. Tbd . . .00:00-00:00.......JCA A1 FULL
AMAN410(1) Advertising Startegy Practice301Mr. Shadi Abdelfattah Hassan Elemari10:00-12:30..M.W..JCA A7 OPEN
ACCT101(2) Principles Of Accounting 1301Dr. Ayman . . Zerban10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 207 FULL
ACCT102(1) Principles Of Accounting 2301Dr. Ayman Eltemsahi Ayman Eltemsahi13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 307 OPEN
ACCT212(1) Intermediate Accounting 2301Dr. Ayman . . Zerban13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 107 OPEN
ACCT441(1) Management Accounting301Dr. Ayman Eltemsahi Ayman Eltemsahi10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 301 OPEN
ACCT490(1) Co-Op Training601Dr. Ayman Eltemsahi Ayman Eltemsahi00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP FULL
ACCT490(1) Co-Op Training602Dr. Ayman . . Zerban00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP FULL
ACCT490(1) Co-Op Training603Dr. Mahdy Salah Eddin Othman00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
BUS 101(1) Principles Of Management301. Tbd . . .13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 304 OPEN
BUS 101(1) Principles Of Management302Dr. Abdulaziz Mohammad ... Abu Mansour16:00-18:30.S.T...TMC 203 OPEN
BUS 202(1) Business Communication301Mr. Yousef Ibrahim Yousef Shugdar13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 303 OPEN
BUS 210(2) International Business301Mr. Ahmed Abdulrehman Ahmed Abdulrehman10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 310 OPEN
BUS 230(1) Organization Behavior301Dr. Abdulaziz Mohammad ... Abu Mansour10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 308 OPEN
BUS 230(1) Organization Behavior302Dr. Abdulaziz Mohammad ... Abu Mansour13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 204 OPEN
BUS 240(1) Business Law301Mr. Ahmed Abdulrehman Ahmed Abdulrehman13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 207 FULL
BUS 490(1) Business Policies301Mr. Ahmed Abdulrehman Ahmed Abdulrehman16:00-18:30..M.W..TMC 204 FULL
ECON201(1) Macroeconomics301Dr. Hatem Khalid Fadhel Akeel10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 402 OPEN
ECON220(1) Saudi Economy301Mr. Rayan Faisal Abdul Makki16:00-18:30..M.W..TMC 303 FULL
ENG 101(4) English Language 1301Mr. Nasir Mousa Nasir Mousa13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 109 OPEN
ENG 121(1) English Language 2301Mr. Nasir Mousa Nasir Mousa10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 102 OPEN
FIN 310(2) Corporate Finance301Mr. Rayan Faisal Abdul Makki10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 203 OPEN
FIN 311(3) Investment 1301Dr. Hatem Khalid Fadhel Akeel13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 101 OPEN
FIN 430(2) Banking Management301Mr. Rayan Faisal Abdul Makki13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 101 OPEN
FIN 490(1) Co-Op Training601Dr. Hatem Khalid Fadhel Akeel00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
FIN 490(1) Co-Op Training602Dr. Mahdy Salah Eddin Othman00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
FIN 490(1) Co-Op Training603Dr. Mahdy Salah Eddin Othman00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
HRM 301(1) Human Resources Management301Dr. Edwin Espiritu . Tan13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 102 OPEN
HRM 301(1) Human Resources Management303Prof. Sayeeduzzafar Qazi Zafarul Aziz10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 403 OPEN
HRM 302(1) Change Management301Dr. Edwin Espiritu . Tan13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 303 OPEN
HRM 310(1) Human Resources Planning301Prof. Sayeeduzzafar Qazi Zafarul Aziz13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 207 OPEN
HRM 490(1) Co-Op Training601Dr. Edwin Espiritu . Tan00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
HRM 490(1) Co-Op Training602Prof. Sayeeduzzafar Qazi Zafarul Aziz00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
IT 101(1) Computer And Info. Technology302Mr. Mohammed Ahmed El-Sayed Sleem Abdalla13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 101 OPEN
MATH099(1) Pre-Calculus301Mr. Abdulaziz Khider Hadram Aljahdali10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 307 OPEN
MATH101(1) Calculus301Mr. Abdulaziz Khider Hadram Aljahdali10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 307 OPEN
MATH101(1) Calculus302Mr. Abdulaziz Khider Hadram Aljahdali13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 103 OPEN
MIS 301(1) Management Of Info. System301Mr. Mohammed Ahmed El-Sayed Sleem Abdalla16:00-18:30.S.T...TMC 310 OPEN
MIS 301(1) Management Of Info. System302Dr. Abdelmageed Elsadek . Abdelrazek13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 203 OPEN
MIS 310(1) Info. Resources Management301Dr. Abdelmageed Elsadek . Abdelrazek10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 207 OPEN
MIS 320(1) E-Commerce301Mr. Mohammed Ahmed El-Sayed Sleem Abdalla10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 303 OPEN
MIS 490(1) Co-Op Training601Dr. Abdelmageed Elsadek . Abdelrazek00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
MKT 301(2) Marketing Principles301Dr. Fawwaz Ali Farhan Alhammadi10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 304 FULL
MKT 301(2) Marketing Principles302. Tbd . . .10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 309 OPEN
MKT 340(2) Physical Distribution Management301Dr. Hatem . . Garamoun10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 210 OPEN
MKT 430(2) Marketing Channels301Dr. Hatem . . Garamoun13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 104 OPEN
MKT 460(2) Strategic Marketing301Dr. Fawwaz Ali Farhan Alhammadi13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 209 OPEN
MKT 490(1) Co-Op Training601Dr. Hatem . . Garamoun00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
MKT 490(1) Co-Op Training602Dr. Fawwaz Ali Farhan Alhammadi00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP OPEN
SCM 320(1) Logistics In E-Business301Dr. Torky Mohammed Issa Al-Thaqafi13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 310 FULL
SCM 350(1) Operations Management301Mr. Eng.Mossab Abdul Kader Habani13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 302 FULL
SCM 350(1) Operations Management302Mr. Eng.Mossab Abdul Kader Habani10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 201 OPEN
SCM 450(1) Computer Modeling And Applications In Business Logistics301Mr. Eng.Mossab Abdul Kader Habani13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 209 OPEN
SCM 490(1) Co-Op Training602Dr. Torky Mohammed Issa Al-Thaqafi00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP FULL
SCM 490(1) Co-Op Training603Dr. Torky Mohammed Issa Al-Thaqafi00:00-00:00.......TMC COOP FULL
SOC 101(2) Introduction To Sociology302Mr. Nasir Mousa Nasir Mousa10:00-12:30...T.T.TMC 404 OPEN
SOC 140(1) Communication Skills301Mr. Yousef Ibrahim Yousef Shugdar10:00-12:30..M.W..TMC 201 OPEN
CE 102(1) Engineering Graphics301Eng. Sultan Saleh Ali Alnahdi13:00-15:30..M.W..ENG 205 OPEN
CE 130(1) Basic Workshop201Dr. Seoud Ahmed Ahmed Abou-Amer13:00-15:30..M.W..ENG 226 FULL
CE 201(1) Engineering Mechanics (Statics)301Eng. Sultan Saleh Ali Alnahdi13:00-15:30.S.T...ENG 226 FULL
CE 203(1) Engineering Mechanics (Dynamics)301Dr. Remon Fayek Aziz Eskander13:00-15:30..M.W..ENG 229 FULL
CE 204(1) Computer Aided Design301Dr. Yasser Mahmoud Ragab Abelmagd10:00-12:30..M.W..ENG 108 OPEN
CE 261(1) Thermodynamics I401Dr. Seoud Ahmed Ahmed Abou-Amer10:00-12:30..M.W..ENG 224 FULL
CE 390(1) Summer Training201Dr. Yasser Mahmoud Ragab Abelmagd00:00-00:00.......ENG 226 FULL
CE 390(1) Summer Training202Dr. Yasser Mahmoud Ragab Abelmagd00:00-00:00.......ANX 202 FULL
CE 390(1) Summer Training203Dr. Yasser Mahmoud Ragab Abelmagd00:00-00:00.......ANX 202 FULL
CE 390(1) Summer Training204. Tbd . . .00:00-00:00.......ANX 202 OPEN
CE 401(1) Civil Engineering Fundamentals201Eng. Sultan Saleh Ali Alnahdi16:00-18:30..M.W..ANX 202 OPEN
CE 424(1) Construction Estimating301Dr. Remon Fayek Aziz Eskander16:00-18:30.S.T...ENG 229 OPEN
CE 440(1) Structural Analysis Ii301Dr. Remon Fayek Aziz Eskander13:00-15:30.S.T...ENG 229 OPEN
COE 332(1) Computational Methods In Engineering301Dr. Amr Hussien Abdelhamied Yousef13:00-15:30..M.W..ENG 225 OPEN
COE 390(1) Summer Training201Dr. Ali Mohamed Mahmoud Elrashidi00:00-00:00.......ENG 108 OPEN
EE 250(1) Basic Electrical Circuits401Dr. Amr Hussien Abdelhamied Yousef10:00-12:30..M.W..ENG 219 FULL
EE 351(1) Electrical Power Systems I401Dr. Rami Saleh Taha Nahas10:00-12:30.S.T...ENG 219 OPEN
EE 390(1) Summer Training202Dr. Ali Mohamed Mahmoud Elrashidi00:00-00:00.......ENG 110 OPEN
EE 411(1) Digital Electronics401Dr. Basem Abduljalil Ali Abu Zneid10:00-12:30.S.T...ENG 209 OPEN
EE 413(1) Communication Circuits401Dr. Basem Abduljalil Ali Abu Zneid10:00-12:30..M.W..ENG 230 OPEN
EE 424(1) Antennas And Propagation301. Tbd . . .09:00-11:30.S.T...ENG 105 OPEN
EE 490(1) Special Topics In Electrical Engineering301. Tbd . . .10:00-12:30.S.T...ENG 204 OPEN
IE 202(1) Introduction To Engineering Design Ii201Dr. Seoud Ahmed Ahmed Abou-Amer16:00-18:30..M.W..ENG 226 OPEN
IE 323(1) Computer Applications In Industrial Eng. Ii401Dr. Ramiz Abed Mohammad Assaf13:00-15:30..M.W..ENG 120 FULL
IE 331(1) Probability And Engineering Statistics301Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Mahmoud Kanan13:00-15:30.S.T...ENG 206 FULL
IE 352(1) System Analysis And Design301Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Mahmoud Kanan10:00-12:30..M.W..ENG 206 OPEN
IE 390(1) Summer Training201Dr. Hussein Murad Ali Reda00:00-00:00.......ENG 224 FULL
IE 390(1) Summer Training202Dr. Hussein Murad Ali Reda00:00-00:00.......ENG 205 FULL
IE 390(1) Summer Training203Dr. Hussein Murad Ali Reda00:00-00:00.......ENG 206 FULL
IE 390(1) Summer Training204Dr. Ramiz Abed Mohammad Assaf00:00-00:00.......ENG 206 OPEN
IE 390(1) Summer Training205. Tbd . . .00:00-00:00.......ENG 119 FULL
IE 400(1) Coop Work Program801Dr. Hussein Murad Ali Reda00:00-00:00.......ENG SENR OPEN
IE 411(1) Operation Research Ii301Dr. Seoud Ahmed Ahmed Abou-Amer10:00-12:30.S.T...ENG 226 OPEN
IE 422(1) Industrial System Simulation401Dr. Ramiz Abed Mohammad Assaf13:00-15:30.S.T...ENG 108 OPEN
IE 431(1) Industrial Quality Control301Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Mahmoud Kanan10:00-12:30.S.T...ENG 206 OPEN
IE 432(1) Design Of Industrial Experiments301Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Mahmoud Kanan16:00-18:30..M.W..ENG 206 OPEN
IE 451(1) Production Planning And Control301. Tbd . . .16:00-18:30.S.T...ENG 206 OPEN
IE 453(1) Facilities Planning301. Tbd . . .13:00-15:30.S.T...ENG 224 OPEN
IE 454(1) Engineering Cost Analysis301Dr. Ramiz Abed Mohammad Assaf10:00-12:30..M.W..ENG 226 OPEN
IT 203(1) Computer Programming 2301Dr. Rami Saleh Taha Nahas10:00-12:30..M.W..ENG 130 OPEN
IT 204(1) Data Structures 1301Dr. Rami Saleh Taha Nahas13:00-15:30..M.W..ENG 130 OPEN
IT 323(1) Summer Training201Dr. Ali Mohamed Mahmoud Elrashidi13:00-15:30.......ENG 130 OPEN
MATH204(1) Introduction To Differential Equations301Dr. Hakim Abdulkareem Muslim Al Garalleh10:00-12:30..M.W..ENG 204 FULL
MATH205(1) Series & Vectors Analysis301Dr. Hakim Abdulkareem Muslim Al Garalleh13:00-15:30.S.T...ENG 215 OPEN
MATH241(1) Applied Linear Algebra I301Dr. Hakim Abdulkareem Muslim Al Garalleh10:00-12:30.S.T...ENG 228 OPEN
ARAB101(1) Arabic Language 1301Dr. Fahad Mohammad Hamid Alshareef13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 405 OPEN
ARAB101(1) Arabic Language 1302Dr. Fahad Mohammad Hamid Alshareef16:00-18:30.S.T...TMC 207 OPEN
ARAB201(1) Arabic Language 2302Dr. Fahad Mohammad Hamid Alshareef13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 104 OPEN
ISLS101(1) Islamic Culture 1201Dr. Abdulrehman Ghazi Taha Khusaifan13:00-15:30..M.W..TMC 401 OPEN
ISLS201(1) Islamic Culture 2302Dr. Abdulrehman Ghazi Taha Khusaifan13:00-15:30.S.T...TMC 304 OPEN
ISLS301(1) Islamic Culture 3 (Business Ethics)301Dr. Abdulrehman Ghazi Taha Khusaifan10:00-12:30.S.T...TMC 307 FULL