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مع شرط إجادة اللغة الانجليزية للمتقدمين للعمل في الجامعة من إداريين و فنيين و حصولهم على احد الشهادات التالية :
•    5.5 لاختبار IELTS
61 لاختبار التوفل  (IBT (INTERNET BASED TEST 

و لإدارة الجامعة الحق في طلب أي اختبار او تقييم إضافي للمتقدم للوظيفة

English language is required to work at the university, Technicians & Administrators To one of the following certificates: 
•   5.5 for IELTS test 

And for the management of the university the right to request any additional testing or evaluation of the applicant for the job.


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 Welcome to  the employment world of UBT
If you're looking for a dynamic and rewarding career, come and talk to us about the many ways you can contribute to the exciting learning, teaching and research that takes place at The University of Business and Technology (UBT).

It is really management philosophy that people are our most invaluable asset. That is why that we are highly concerned about attracting, recruiting, developing, motivating and retaining highly qualified and experienced professionals in both academic and nonacademic work fields.
When joining family you will truly experience an organization culture and work environment that foster friendly work life, respect and value professionalism, encourage creative and innovative thinking, support career growth, and reward success.
UBT is very keen about offering high quality higher education through application of total quality management and continuous improvement processes, emphasizing involvement and participation. Our people make our success.  


Job Classification and Salary scale
It is the HR Policy to establish equitable employee compensation program and maintain competitive pay scale.

Pay scales are based on through job analysis and an accurate systematic job evaluation through which job grading, classification and compensation are determined. A periodic salary survey and review are carried out to assure pay competitiveness. The objective of course is to attract and retain high caliber professional who could support and achieve vision, mission strategic goals.

Employment & Labor law

Just like any private college functioning in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. UBT applies the Saudi Labor Law, Ministry of Higher Education Policies and regulations, and its internal work organization regulations approved by Ministry of Labor by virtue of Deputy Minister of Labor approval letter No (1/2729) dated 3-8-1430 H, human resource manual of policies and procedures and work contracts in managing and organizing employment relationship.

Working at  the University of Business and Technology provides special opportunities at our Main Campus in Dahban (North of Jeddah City) and at our Jeddah Campus as well as at the MBA campus. In short UBT offers:


  • A Great Place to Work.
  • Opportunities for Learning.
  • Opportunities for Teaching, Development and Conducting Research.