About Central Library


General Information

Summery: University of Business and Technology Library was founded in 2002. It is divided into 2 major libraries Central Library in Dhahban (Males branch) and the central library in Sari (Ladies branch)

  • Central Library provides an on-campus services and resources for all colleges and departments including: The College of Business Administration, Jeddah College of Advertising, College of Engineering and Information Technology.
  • Central Library at Dahban Campus provides various scientific, resources and information technology on-campus all colleges of UBT
  • Central Library at Dahban Campus provides various scientific, resources to support engineering programs.
  • Sari Campus Library provides important References that serve the College of Business Administration, Jeddah College of Advertising, MBA program, and the English Language Academy Center.

​​Central Library shares a number of electronic databases from a variety of majors and specialties, including books, articles and full texts researches and a number of academic journals which are available for students and members of the academic staff through e-library site on the business page, the UBT website.

Reference Group:

Includes a variety of References such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, and annual statistics and evidence. The usage is allowed only inside the library, and does not allow borrowing.


Central Library is currently involved in a number of library non-Arab databases covering the topics of busniess and administration, engineering, and advertising taught at the university. It also provides full text articles and reports. It can be reached by e-library which was established on the UBT website.


 The Library of The University of Business and Technology contains a significant number of specialized journals, in addition to local, Gulf, and world newspapers, which are issued in Arabic and English.

Technical Services:


Faculty and students play an important role in the acquisition of books, and various sources of information for the development of library collections. The supply unit specializes in purchasing all sources of information that are needed based on the direct suggestion of the faculty members and students, or by receiving suggestions via e-mail from Library supporters and Trustees of the Library in colleges.You can also use a form that is available at the librarian to suggest books.


This unit is specialized in the indexing, and classification of books, and other materials that are purchased by the library. There is an index of subject headings and classification number for each title, and data entry in the online catalog of the library (Symphony). The library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification and MARC21 in indexing and classification of sources.

Graduation Research Department:

This section includes all researches of the graduate students. the reserches are allowed to use them only inside the library.