Information Technology(IT)

SMART Interactive Whiteboards

Every classroom in ELA now features one big “SMART Interactive Whiteboard” screen, fitted with an LCD Projector. The system is fully utilized by teachers. Using these SMART Interactive Whiteboards has improved greatly the learning experience for both teachers and students at ELA. They are used in a variety of scenarios, such as audio and video sessions. SMART Interactive Whiteboard technology enabled teachers and students to write notes and draw diagrams by either using the interactive stylus provided, or a dry-erase marker. It is also easy to share all kinds of media files. This enables a more conversational, richer mode of teaching. Some of the benefits include:

  • More flexibility in content delivery between teachers and students; i.e., streaming videos, websites, and sharing resources 
  • More diverse teaching systems and processes that engage tactile learners, audio learners and visual learners through varied media and modes of interaction. 
  • Easier file-sharing and learning feedback. 
  • More student facing than board facing lecturers-the turnaround of education. 
  • Simple access to online and networked resources.


IT general services:
IT general services are provided to ELA Male and Female Campuses with IT support for administrative, academic, and quality assurance operations throughout the year. Specifically, the following services are extended to ELA faculty & Staff personnel.
The ELA provides computer facilities, software, resources and IT service to students, staff and Teachers. All classrooms are equipped with high performance desktop computers installed with genuine Microsoft Windows 7 and all necessary software required for teaching purposes. This enhances the teaching and learning environment by allowing teachers, staff, and students to incorporate various types of media in the classroom.
Computer Labs:
ELA has three computer labs with 76 computers. All labs are equipped with 23’inch high performance PC’s with head phones. Microsoft Windows 7 and MS Office 2016 are being used as the latest, flexible and updated software. Numerous learning applications are installed on computer lab PC’s for students’ learning purposes. The labs are also equipped with printers. ELA provides computer lab facilities for on-campus and online-learning student use. Students are allowed to access the Internet or e-mail, to prepare word processing documents, projects, class assignments or to use other course software that is related to the subject of teaching at ELA. In these labs, teachers can work with students to help them master the technology skills needed in their particular field, as well as learn how software assists in information gathering, analysis, and organization of material for presentation and effective decision making.
Wi-Fi Service:
Wi-Fi facilities are available at ELA providing free access to the Internet for connecting laptop or mobile phones. To connect with Wi-Fi network, ELA staff and students can avail this Wi-Fi facility by requesting a password from IT department. Usernames and passwords are provided to individuals, ELA teachers and staff members for OPERA accounts as needed.
Other e-log-ins include:

  • Opera On-line for tracking schedules, grades, evaluations, etc. 
  • Moodle 
  • E-library 
  • Class Attendance System and Grading System (faculty only)

Printing Services
Printing services are provided through the network connectivity. The IT assists the students in their printing needs.
Maintenance Services
IT support specialist provide IT maintenance in all computer labs, classrooms and administrative offices.
Opera system
Opera is UBT’s own customized E-system, it is the main academic system used by students, faculty members and staff. It is a set of all sort of different internal applications. It combines course registration, grading, Opera online, attendance, students’ portal and such. Listed below the details.
a) Opera Admissions and Registration
This system allows various registration and admission tasks such as calendar, admitting new students, fulfilling admission requirements and such. It involves course registration tasks such as add, drop, swap and such.
b) Opera Students affairs
Opera Students affairs system keeps tracks of student’s affairs activities and monitor students and probations, events, extra credits, activities and such.
c) Opera Attendance
Opera attendance allows the faculty members to take the attendance of all students inside the class room. It helps the instructor to know who is registered in the course, and also it keeps tracks of their daily attendance. Faculty members have access to Opera attendance in campus, or off campus through the use of Remote Apps service. Students can keep track of their attendance and view it through Opera Online.
d) Opera Online (student’s portal)
Opera Online is the main students’ portal to access his/her Opera related information such as registration, grades and attendance. It allows student to go online and access their academic system information allowing them to register online for their courses, view and edit their own personal records, view the grades, study plan, transcripts, acknowledgement letter and financial statements.
Moodle: Modular Object- Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment
Moodle is the open source web based learning management system used at UBT. It is the main communication link between the instructor and the students. Each registered student will have his/her course listed each academic term in Moodle. Instructors are able to use Moodle to post course materials such as presentations, handouts, projects and they are able to communicate with the students using messages, chat and discussion forums. They can also assess the student using quizzes and assignments and other tools.
McGraw-Hill Campus
McGraw-Hill Campus is a Book resources tool provided by McGraw-Hill to our campuses though integration with Moodle. Students can access the customized book and the customized e-learning platform and have access to quizzes and exercises provided by the instructor.