Disability and Learning Support Services

For students with special needs, UBT proudly provides academic accommodations and learning accessibility to ensure equal opportunities leading to achieving educational goals and personal development. Students must schedule an appointment with the Educational Support Center and obtain related medical reports. Accommodations will be made individual for each student and might be varied. An example of accommodations is as follows:

  • Special testing arrangements
  • Set the Priority Registration System.
  • Extended test time
  • Note taking
  • Audio recording
    • Enable students with special needs to learn in a non-discriminatory and inclusive environment.
    • Assist, Monitor, and support students with learning difficulties or academically struggling students.
    • Admit and register all students with special needs or learning difficulties.
    • Review and scan students’ documents to approve the eligibility of students to register at UBT through the ESC.
    • Set the Priority Registration System for the students to allow special students with special needs to register through a specific portal and provide them with early registration and assist them with swapping or withdrawal from courses when needed.
    • Accommodate for the needs of the students with disability whether inside the classes; concerning academic issues, nonacademic issues or throughout UBT premises. This will include altering the premises to put up with students with special needs, (special lavatories, labs, classes, parking lots, transportation.)
    • Periodically orient prospective students, newly admitted, and current students about the activities conducted by the ESC including their rights and responsibilities.
    • Spread awareness to parents, faculty members, administrative staff, and the community about the expectations of the department promoting a culture of inclusion at UBT and the community.