Marketing is the art and craft of recognizing and satisfying consumer needs through value exchanges. The role of marketing is vital for any type of organization. The study of marketing enables practitioners to innovate products and build brands, understand consumers and engage with customers to enjoy profitable relationships. The Marketing Program faculty has high qualifications and diversity of background and experience to expose students to a range of marketing theories and practices. Faculty actively provides students with real-world learning opportunities through case studies and projects with local companies.
Students of marketing develop strong analytical and problem solving skills, team work and communication skills, civic responsibility, entrepreneurship, along with global perspectives. Students conclude their studies with credited practical work experience at a company for which they provide insightful solutions and recommendations to marketing problems.
With a certification in marketing, students have gone on to work with FMCG companies, PR firms, manufacturers, retailers, the services industry, financial institutions, and the public sector.


Department Objectives
  • Engage students in projects and activities that will enhance their creativity and develop their confidence
  • Equip students with understanding of marketing theories, techniques, professional and ethical responsibilities,
  • Develop in students the ability to gather, analyze and interpret data.