The College of Business Administration started in 2000 as the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) that granted diplomas in various business related courses. Only a small number of students were accepted in Fall 2000. The school started the Boys Section near the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce while the Girls Section had classes in Makhmal Plaza opposite the Jamjoom Commercial Center. Subsequently, the Boys Section relocated to the Sari Street Campus, Jeddah and the Girls Section,  near Jeddah Chamber of Commerce.  

IBA was established to educate and train high school graduates to improve their English language proficiency level and to equip them with the essential skills, enabling them to find suitable jobs in the local labor market,  thus, bridging the gap between education and market place needs as close as possible. IBA was authorized to grant diploma in Business Administration, a study of two and a half years with 82 credit hours including 8 weeks on the job training.  Unexpectedly, it underwent rapid growth due to quality and standards of education it offered. In 2003,  the College of Business Administration (CBA) was laid and evolved into a business school offering the Bachelor of Business Administration in various areas of concentration duly approved by the MOHE.  The following majors are offered in both campuses (Boys & Girls):  BBA in Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management Information System, and Supply Chain Management.  At present, CBA Boys Campus is located at the sprawling 100,000 square meters of land in Dhaban also housing the New College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT).  The CBA Girls Campus is on Sari Street.