Dean of Admission & Registration



Dr. Abdullah Almasoudi,

Deanship of Admission & Registration - Dahban Campus                   


Dear Students,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you all to the University of Business and Technology. Since its founding in 2000, it has grown into one of the most notable and recognized higher education providers in the region, carrying the vision of “Education for Job Opportunities“.

All colleges, all majors and programs have been adapted to meet the requirements of national and international labor markets, as well as the teaching methodologies being used in the classrooms are up to date. The English language is the instructional language throughout the university. Many of our UBT graduates found the jobs they are currently in while they were doing their Co-op training project.

In the Deanship of Admissions & Registration, we aim to satisfy the students’ needs as much as we can within our guidelines. We are also doing our best to make all admissions and registration procedures electronically.

I wish you all the best and express my happiness of having you all at our UBT campuses, and may your goals and dreams be accomplished throughout your time here, with the final result of attaining your degrees.

Best Regards,

Dr. Abdullah Almasoudi
Dean, Admission & Registration