Conditions of transfer to UBT


  1. The applicant has spent at least one academic term in a recognized college or university or graduated with a middle school degree recognized by MOE (The Ministry of Education).
  2. The applicant has not stopped studying for more than 2 years at the university or college transferred from them.
  3. Applicant should not be suspended from other institutions for ethical reason.
  4. Number of units that can be accepted for the student 40% of the total number of units required to obtain a bachelor's degree in the required college.
  5. Applicants should pass the ELA English Placement test, level 6 or he/she should obtain a minimum TOEFL score of 59 in IBT or 5.5 and above in IELTS. Students with less than a score of 5.0 in IELTS (or 50 in TOEFL) in the writing or reading section of the exam must register with the ELA for level 6 , Or study at a university in the English language system At least one season and got a good rate.
  6. The number of credit hours for the course to be equivalent from outside the university shall not be less than the number of credit hours for the equivalent course in the college.
  7. The course content should be 75% equivalent to the course to be compared.
  8. The average grade of the student in the course is not less than good.


Required Documents:

PART 1 :

  1. Fill the application and apply online
  2. Original copy of High School Certificate
  3. Good Conduct Certificate ‘if applicable’
  4. Copy of Saudi National ID card for Saudis and Iqama’s for non-Saudis
  5. Copy of the result of the aptitude test
  6. 4 photos ( 4x6) with a scanned copy on a CD
  7. Original copy of TOEFL or IELTS

PART 2 :

  1. The student must fill out the application form academic affaires
  2. The origin of the last statement of marks is signed by the issuing authority stamped with the official stamp
  3. The applicant must submit a description of the courses from the one he studied to: RABIE@UBT.EDU.SA.
  4. The file includes the following points: Clarify the general idea of the curriculum. The objectives of the course should be absorbed by the student. Clarification of the number of academic hours approved for the course (credit hours, contact hours, labs).