Under Graduate Degree
  1. Applicant should hold a local or international High School Degree. With regards to the international degree equalization it should meet the following standards:
    • International Diplomas from International Schools should be stamped by the Ministry of Education.
    • British Certificates ( IGSCE ) and according to the Ministry of High Education in Saudi Arabia should be one of the following options: 
    • 8 subjects of O Level with a minimum grade of C. 
    • 5 subjects of O Level with C + 2 AS subjects with a minimum of D . 
    • 5 subjects of O Level with a minimum of C + 1 A subject with a minimum of D. 
    • IN case the applicant has a different kind of diploma other than what has been mentioned above then he/she should contact the UBT admission department for further assistance.
  2. High School Diplomas from Saudi Arabia should be with a minimum grade for CEIT 75% and 70% for CBA and JCA.
  3. He/ She should have maintained a good conduct standards in High School
  4. Applicant should have graduated from High school with in the range of 5 years and not more than that
  5. Applicant should have had the aptitude test and no grade are required accept if he/she are applying to MOHE scholarship.
  6. Applicants should pass the ELA English Placement test, level 6 or he/she should obtain a minimum TOEFL score of 59 in IBT or 5.5 and above in IELTS. Students with less than a score of 5.0 in IELTS (or 50 in TOEFL) in the writing or reading section of the exam must register with the ELA for level 6.
  7. Applicant should be in an acceptable medical status
  8. Applicant should not be suspended from other institutions for ethical reason


  • Admission Requirements for CBA boys and Girls: Same requirements of UBT would be applied to CBA boys and girls
  • Admission Requirements of JCA Same requirements of UBT would be applied to JCA  
  • Admission Requirements of CEIT Same requirements of UBT would be applied to CEIT beside that only High School
    Diploma in scientific or industrial majors will be accepted providing that it should be 75% and above Required Documents:
  1. Fill the application and apply online
  2. Original copy of High School Certificate
  3. Good Conduct Certificate ‘if applicable’
  4. Copy of Saudi National ID card for Saudis and IQamas for non Saudis
  5. Copy of the result of the aptitude test
  6. 4 photos ( 4x6) with a scanned copy on a CD
  7. Medical Report with the required medical tests
  8. Original copy of TOEFL or IELTS