Quality. Sustainability. Innovation.

Our aspiration is to be a leading private university, one that is nationally and internationally recognized as being a provider of higher education, training and professional development, and applied scientific research. Additionally, we seek to become an appealing environment for students and faculty, while supporting the development of society, business needs and national and international development.


UBT seeks to establish itself as a nationally and internationally recognized university in higher education through providing (1) quality education, (2) training and development, (3) scientific research, (4) fulfilling the labor market needs. In order to achieve this goal, UBT is committed to achieve quality, creative educational environment, administrative efficiency and effective professionalism by:

  • Measuring and evaluating its performance in comparison with national and international universities,
  • Specialized Professional consultancy and joint projects
  • Continuous development and modernization
  • Developing an effective system for promoting inventions and innovations
  • Attracting outstanding faculty members 
  • Creating and developing rules and procedures of good governance in all university activities
  • Supporting and encouraging student academic and non-academic activities
  • National and international partnerships with educational and research institutions
  • Running the university on an economic basis and implementing methods enabling the achievement of its goals
  • Specialized training for students and alumni.
  • To commit to premium quality graduate and undergraduate education that serves the business needs of local, regional and international markets.
  • To provide dynamic career opportunities for prospective business leaders and executives, enabling them to further excel through continuous professional development.
  • To strengthen executives’ managerial and technical competencies and enhance their problem solving and decision-making skills, thereby increasing their corporate efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To promote the skills and culture of initiative-taking by emphasizing technological and entrepreneurial skills and orientation in the programs offered by the Colleges.
  • To provide choices for academic focus to match each student’s career objectives to their goals for personal development.
Operationally, UBT aims to:
  • Develop strategic national and international alliances with corporate entities, non-governmental community organizations and reputable international schools
  • Emphasize leadership and innovation 
  • Improve critical thinking, decision-making, and teamwork skills
  • Build holistic and integrative capabilities
  • Integrate academic depth with state-of-the-art practices in the educational process
Core Values
  • Leadership.
  • High Quality.
  • Innovation.
  • Integrity and Ethics.
  • Passion.
  • Efficiency.
  • Community Involvement.